On the household registration of choosing spouse: a wild cooperation of the conspirators

and “girls without Beijing hukou” are destined to be popular.

The “subtext” is that mother-in-law and father-in-law must be old Beijing.

However, it is almost a myth that a girl can earn a Beijing hukou by herself.

Just imagine how many bulls my son would dare to utter such a rave, but it’s clear that they are all ordinary people.

How could they be so poor and fastidious.

To be honest, it’s really convenient to have a Beijing hukou.

The admiration of life and the proximity of education have more or less natural advantages.

However, there are so many girls with Beijing hukou, so many with high education, so many with good-looking faces, so many with thin waist, so many with big chest and so many with virtuous talents.

They are screened layer by layer.

Whether your son will marry or not.

Yes, you say “it’s OK to have a disabled account”.

Is it true or lies.

We are not discriminating against the disabled, but the requirements of people to people combination and selection should always take precedence over these complex factors.

People live with people, not with household registration.

Marry the house, marry the car, have already split up so many good fortune.

Do you want to add another “marry back to Hukou book”, it’s crazy to the extreme.

In the past, common sense was not enough.

Now I finally understand that it’s not that common sense is not enough.

It’s that the chicken thief is possessed by the fire and is extremely ill.

Frankly speaking, the proportion of young people in Beijing is very small.

If this kind of data is put in different circles, different industries, different companies, different rental houses are even less pitiful.

However, most of modern marriage is based on love, which leads to marriage.

Even if it’s a blind date, it’s impossible to get married that night.

The next day, I need to prove it.

Most people still need to know each other and integrate with each other before they can decide whether to get married.

As for the issue of household registration, although it can affect the convenience of life in the future.

However, it’s a pity to regard this as the standard of screening objects before marriage.

Besides, marriage is a two-way choice process.

Even if you are superior in all aspects, there are still girls who don’t like you.

Take the account as a hard indicator to see, this is a disease.

From the perspective of utility, it seems to be a bit of collusion.

Through the unusual household registration, we can create the unusual life and life.

And this just ignores the essence of marriage.

Any marriage with transaction and premeditation is very sad and happy.

Modern marriage is different from the past marriage.

Apart from the basic firewood, rice, oil and salt, we need to have a long-lasting admiration to hold the hand of our son and grow old with him.

It’s really hard to go far by the convenience of Hukou alone.

After all, the fundamental purpose of a girl’s marriage is changing.

It is no longer the basic need of “dressing and eating” in the past.

Girls begin to be independent, to please themselves and to live themselves.

At least, in a big city.

Of course, it is also said that in many villages, the concept of marriage still stays at the level of survival in the past, and external conditions match.

But what we are talking about today is “Beijing hukou”.

It’s impossible for a girl who can roam in Sanlitun to eat your weird theory.

To evaluate the merits and demerits of an idea, we should at least respect the general environment in which the idea lies.

Otherwise, it is a kind of self congratulation.

If we talk about “hukou theory” and “dowry theory” in a remote area, we can understand that.

What’s the time? I’m still shouting “hukou theory” in Beijing.

It’s different from asking others if they can’t pee without a nightpot on their waist.

Many things, once the original intention is wrong, are easy to make jokes, followed by tragedy.

If you want to have more wealth, you can fight for it by yourself, you can have more rights and interests, you can fight for it by yourself, if you want to rely on the conspiracy of a marriage, you want to find convenience for life, most of which have no good ending.

Many people say it’s a kind of discrimination, which is really a kind of wild logic.

It’s a joke that you don’t know what to value in your marriage, and you deserve to discriminate against others.

There are so many smart people in Beijing.

It’s not necessary to feel sad for a few chicken thieves.

It’s time for those who want to go north and those who want to go north and those who want to go north.

There are always chicken thieves outside the silly fork.

Ordinary people will like it.

As long as they live like human beings, their girls may still be in their mother-in-law’s stomach.

That’s refreshing chicken soup.

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