Where is American advanced?


Fang has a friend who works as an executive in a Silicon Valley high-tech company.

Ten years ago, he published an article on the Internet, saying that the United States is behind China, which caused a lot of abuse.

Recently, this friend went back to the United States on a business trip from China, just when Mr.

Fang also came back from a holiday in China.

We sat together and naturally talked about the experience of returning home.

Naturally, we also talked about that many people in China want to immigrate to the United States.

One of the reasons is that the United States is “very advanced”.

But where is the American advanced? People are most concerned about food, clothing, housing and transportation.

Maybe the United States is more advanced than China in these four aspects? First look at “clothes”: American clothes, shoes, bags and so on are much cheaper than China.

It costs less than 70 yuan to buy a T-shirt at Levis, 2300 yuan to buy a pair of jeans, and only over 1000 yuan to buy a coach bag as standard for a square dancing aunt.

This is unimaginable in China.

In China’s shopping malls, brands like “Flamingo” and “3P” that have never been heard of in the United States sell hundreds of yuan for a piece of clothing, let alone famous brands like Levis.

However, in China, you can also buy super cheap clothes in hypermarkets, such as “362” brand T-shirt, which costs only 25 yuan, and 15 yuan at a sale.

“GD” brand leather shoes cost only 59 yuan.

They are all cow leather.

The quality is very good.

Such a price can never be met in America.

In addition, in terms of “clothes”, Chinese styles are definitely much better than those of conservative Americans, and they are much more beautiful, more in line with Chinese figures.

In terms of style diversity, the United States lags far behind China.

Moreover, as a popular brand in China, the price in China is much cheaper than that in the United States.

The popular brands in the United States become expensive only when they are transformed into luxury brands by Chinese people who worship foreign countries.

Finally, China has also introduced styles and brands from all over the world, especially from Europe.

In this regard, the United States seems to have not done enough, because the general public in the United States are more conservative, and the few who follow the trend are innovative.

The Americans rarely follow the same style of “one star”.

When the market is not big enough, the popular fashion is new The change of the moon is not as advanced as China.

Look at “food”: Although the United States is an immigrant country, it should be easy to eat food from all over the world.

Unfortunately, before the prevalence of the civil rights movement in the United States, the mainstream culture was to hope that all immigrants would become the “melting pot” of the nation, give up their national characteristics and integrate into the American culture.

The so-called “American culture”, to put it bluntly, is the culture of the group of Englishmen who came here by the “Mayflower”.

As we all know, there is basically no food in Britain.

So, forever hamburger hot dog pizza, how bad it is to eat.

It’s no wonder that the Chinese who have just traveled from China to the United States are full of hope and run to KFC.

They want to order a preserved egg and lean meat porridge with reassuring oil sticks and soy milk, but they find that KFC in the United States sells so different things from China.

McDonald’s in the United States doesn’t even sell “so big chicken chops” or “grilled chicken leg fort”.

To be honest, if KFC and McDonald’s in China sell the same menus as those in the United States, they will surely go out of business in a month.

It’s only in the United States that fast food restaurants change their menus every five to seven years, and restaurants sell the same dish for 50 years.

There are hundreds of shops with different flavors to choose from in the food city of Chinese shopping malls.

In the food city of American shopping malls, there are ten that are good.

The diversity, price and speed of meal delivery services like “meituan” and “hungry” in China, and the service scope, diversity, price and speed of ubereat in the United States are not competitors of China at all, at least 20 years behind.

In terms of cooking skills and diversity, the United States really lags far behind the 5000 year old Chinese food culture.

Third, we look at “living”: many Chinese believe that Americans live in villas.

In fact, this is wrong.

It’s true that there are not as many people in the United States as there are in China, and not many people live in high-rise apartment buildings.

However, the “house” in the United States can never be equated with the “villa” in China.

Many of the houses in American cities are located in the “bad area”.

The security is very poor, similar to the war zone.

Even President trump once said that security in some parts of Chicago was worse than in Syria and Iraq during the civil war.

I believe no one wants to live in such a “villa”.

Secondly, because most Americans are conservative, like Chinese people, they widely absorb European, East Asian and American elements of house decoration to decorate houses.

Therefore, although many houses are large, the interior decoration can not be compared with Chinese “villas”.

In fact, the so-called “American house decoration” popular in China, like the “American fast food” sold in China, is suitable for Chinese taste.

In the United States, if you want to make Chinese style “American house decoration”, you have to have a lot of money to do it.

Chinese people who like reinforced concrete building materials will also look down upon many very expensive American houses built entirely of wood and ash.

How can “mud embryo house in big countryside” be advanced? As for the street, there is no concept of “community”.

The cobweb like wires on the electric poles are everywhere.

The community environment is not as clean as the Chinese community, so many security patrols, so many cleaners keep cleaning, so convenient convenience stores.

These basic configurations in the “living” area, many parts of the United States are far behind China.

Finally, let’s look at “Xing”: in the 1980s, Chinese people used to envy “Xing” in the United States: there were so many highways and so many private cars.

Unexpectedly, 30 years later, China has also achieved.

China also has highways and state roads in all directions, a large number of private cars and the same frequent air traffic as the United States.

The convenience of subway in big cities and the establishment of subway shopping malls are far more advanced than those in the United States.

In addition, China’s high-speed rail is much more advanced than the United States, and it also has transportation modes not available in the United States, such as maglev train.

The emergence of shared bicycles has left behind the convenience of “travel” in the United States.

When Americans with cars are still stuck in the traffic flow in the city center, many Chinese have walked through the city center on shared bikes.

If it wasn’t for the recent policies issued by many cities in China to restrict online car hailing, China could be much more advanced than the United States in terms of the convenience of online car hailing, but now.

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